Wireless Linkage Alarm User Guide

Smart Home Alarm IP Camera SP006 support Work with up to 64-channel 433HZ Wi-Fi detector. Standard SP006 didn’t attach the Wi-Fi detector, 

User can add this Wi-Fi detector as needed.


Types of accessory:

►Accessories for SP006 support: Wireless remote controls / Door Sensor / Infrared Detector / Smoke Detector / Air Detector / SOS

►Here you can find information about the the camera accessory function and using methods, take the method of Door Sensor as an example.



The wireless Door Sensor is used to detect the opening of doors and windows. It consists of a transmitter and a magnet, alarm will be triggered if 

they are separated.

Transmitter sends the alarm signal via 433MHz radio frequency to SP006 Camera, the camera will make a buzzing sound at the same time pushing 

notification to your smartphone.

Pairing Door Sensor and camera:

1.Install the battery for the Door Sensor, bring T and M together and pull out the antenna.

2. Your camera must have been set up successfully.

3. Open ifcam App: Select the camera you want to pair from the Device list. Then keep pressing the window for Setting >> Defence Area Setting >> 

Choose the defence area you like, for instance Hall (except ‘Remote Control’)>> Choose a number. At the same time, separate T and M to send alarm signal.

4. After the successful pairing, you can see “Learning Succeeded”.


Turn on Alarm:

Setting alarm in ifcam App according to the instructions of the camera, then you can get push notification or buzzing in case of Door Sensor alarm. 

1. Touch “Setting” menu and go to Alarm setting part as picture W-1 and W-2.

2. Enable the alarm by tapping the toggle switch of “Motion Detection Alarm” and “ Remote Defence”  to On . A long sound from the camera signifies 

the alarm function successfully activates.

3. Enable the function you need, such as motion detection alarm, email alarm and phone push alarm as picture W-2.


Note: The default Alarm Phone Push ID is your App account, if you don’t need, you can delete the push account.