Watch live videos from DeviceViewer App on Windows XP PC

For video guide please check:


1: “DeviceViewer”only for local access,remote access please use “ifcamPC”

2: The “DeviceViewer” don’t support Vista, Mac system

3: As to Windows 7、 8 、10 system, need install and run the “ DeviceViewer ”

Download and install the PC CMS software"Device Viewer" Download Link:

(Note:DeviceViewer support Win xp,7,8,10) There will be a icon showed on desktop after the DeviceViewer 

CMS software is installed 


2. Run the DeviceViewer, you will get a login interface below, Input the user and 

password (Default user: admin, Password:admin) for Login.


3. Right click the Mouse on the"Device List" or right blank area of

 "  00图片2  " Part, then click "Search device" in the dialog box 

as below:


4. Please follow the bellow steps add SP series IP camera on the 

“DeviceViewer” software:



Device type: Please select “SP” here.                                                             Video: must be H264

Device Name: give your camera a name such as home or office                     Address type: mush be P2P

P2P ID: don’t enter camera’s ID, just enter last digit of camera’s IP address                                           

Password: enter your camera password

Confirm: Finnally, click “Confirm” for complete the add device process.

5.  After the device (IP Camera)has been successfully added to the DeviceViewer 

you will find out one camera has been listed on the DeviceList. Double click the 

camera for real time monitor. 




6. PTZ Control Introduction


7. Record Setting Guide


                        (3) On "Recording Plan Set"part,Step-1:Select" Host "; Step-2:Select Recording;      


                               Note:The selected Host will with" HOST  "mark,if not the Host didn't selected.

                         Step-3:choose"Start recording tasks",finally click"Save recording setting"and"Confirm".

                         (4) you can find it start record video as your setting and the lcon of the camera will turn to Green.

                         (5)When finished the recording, you can view it from "Record Playback",please right select"Record Device"

                         and "Recording Type".