Can not register ifcam App account?

                                                 Note :

                                      Email ID Can't contain declare,exec,cursor,begin,open,drop,create,select and truncate,

                                      Or fail to Register ifcam APP account.

                                      If you can not register ifcam APP account(showing “email format error”) ,you should register app account by this link :


                                      Step 1: Enter a new password (twice) and lef-click on “Next”.


                                      Step 2: Enter your email ID and lef-click “Next”.


                                      Step 3: Your new account ID will be displayed in the popup window. It will begin with zero.


                                      This ID is the ifcam’s App account .

                                      Step 4: Enter your Email or App account and input password. Then lef-click “Login”.